Anthea Manikos – Only child of Nikitas & Penelope Manikos.
Born in Ilios Spiti, Sounion, Greece in 1174.
Known for her blue/green eyes, infectious smile and irrepressible faith.

1186 – Anthea is 12 when her mother passes from a painful wasting disease.

June 1197 – Anthea is 23 when her father takes her by ship to Parthenope where her marriage to the Castellan of that city has been arranged. The Castellan, Rugerius Fabbro, is awful and assaults Nikitas and Anthea at their first meeting. The arrangement stands in jeopardy.
That evening Anthea goes to a chapel where she meets Pero de Alava.
Knowing not who she is, Pero brazenly swears them to the banns.
The next day, Pero negotiates for Anthea’s hand and takes her from Parthenope to Capua where he allows her time to decide if she wants to wed him or not.

August 1197 – Anthea decides to give herself to Pero.

Winter 1197 – Anthea tours Spain with her fiancé, inspecting his holdings and meeting his family while Pero negotiates a new trade deal with the Almohads.

March 1198 – Banquet for Pero thrown in Parthenope. Anthea refuses to attend having sworn to never return to Parthenope or stand in the same room with Rugerius Fabbro.

Day One – August 13, 1198 – Morning – Anthea takes Pero and a small entourage to nearby La Torre to find cloth for her wedding dress. Pero has been troubled ever since the banquet. Anthea is concerned for his mental health and their impending marriage.

Day One – August 13, 1198 – Afternoon – Anthea receives Pero in her chambers and he proceeds to break things and break off their marriage. He is leaving on a foolhardy quest from which he doesn’t intend to ever return.

Day One – August 13, 1198 – Evening – In Pero’s absence, Capua is besieged by Rugerius Fabbro’s mercenaries and Anthea is taken prisoner. Everyone is put to the blade.

Allen M Werner is the author of epic dark fantasy series The Crystal Crux.
There are currently four books in the series… Betrayal, Blue Go

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