House Sigil

One of the major themes in most epic fantasy tales is a hearty, explosive political climate often fostered by great Houses and lesser Houses.

While I didn’t make the presence of these Houses in The Crystal Crux a major part of the story, the Houses of several families do exist and they have their colors and sigils to go along with them.

The falling red star of House Velez with the tail of blue and silver is part of Pero de Alava’s heritage. He is officially anointed the heir of House Velez by Emperor Barbarossa at the request of his father Blassilo from his death bed.

Pero was born a bastard and the Church was said not to honor him as heir unless someone as powerful as the Holy Roman Emperor consecrated his birth.

The day after Blassilo died, Blassilo’s right hand Zor, rushed Pero to Germany with the signed letter requesting the naming.

Allen M Werner is the author of the Epic Fantasy tale The Crystal Crux

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