New Release: A Short Story

She stumbled stepping up into the garz.  She felt a hard blow from a nightstick fall on her back.  It didn’t really phase her.  She half-expected it.  The toughness of a Tarfane’s scaly skin absorbed blows like this.  Skarri-swine knew it for they also had the same skin and scales, but they hit all the same.
– Excerpt from Tarfane Episode One

So while I have been working on the epic fantasy series, The Crystal Crux, I have also had this giant space opera playing out in my head. In order to write it, I would need to take countless hours away from writing to define the parameters and nuances of the universe around the Tarfane Empire.

What I have decided to do instead is write a series of short stories about various characters and events in the Tarfane world and develop it as I go.

I don’t want the history and politics of this world to overshadow the characters. I’m simply going to pinpoint events and see them develop through the eyes of a character, their life just a smaller part of the bigger events, politics and behaviors of others.

So, in saying all that, Tarfane itself is as yet pretty undefined. For those who know The Forgotten Realms (The Realms), they were originally a campaign built on the Dungeons and Dragons game design. Over time the Realms expanded through various books and games. The world itself kept getting bigger and bigger as different authors, including one of my favorite, R.A. Salvatore, creator of the dark elf, Drizzt, added new lands and new characters.

In the back of my mind, if I can find relative success with the Tarfane tales, perhaps one day I’ll enlist other authors to expand on it. It is in the universe, so the possibilities are endless.

For the first episode, we are following a Zed named ZedZee. The Zed are the lowest of the low. Servants. Slaves. They have no voice. They have no rights. They are mistreated, often being bought and sold.

ZedZee has come to accept her lot in life. She is 35 seasons old and content to remain a domestic for as long as she lives. Only problem is, she is suddenly being rounded up by the skarri, the police. And she is not the only one.

ZedZee is taken to a prison-like facility where during processing she learns she is sick. She is infected. She has no idea how or why but now her life is turned upside down. She can never go back and serve one of the big Houses as a domestic.

But is this the end for her, or does the greater Tarfane Empire have plans for the infected?

It’s a short story. Around 5000 words. Quick easy read.

Pressed to the back of the elevator, her heart dropped as the lift took them upwards.  She didn’t know how high they went before it stopped. The skarri in the elevator motioned with their guns.  “Get out, ngombe.”
– Excerpt Tarfane Episode One

Available on Kindle & KindleUnlimited.
– Soon available on paperback.

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When I am not working on the last book in The Crystal Crux series, and I just need something else to occupy my whirling mind, I’ll be working on the next episode.

I have a few episodes scripted out but not written.

Being short stories, it shouldn’t be a long lapse between episodes.

We’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed.

Allen M Werner is the author of the epic fantasy series The Crystal Crux

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