Fall Colors Have Come And Gone

“Aerion, who is he, this Ven of Black Leaves?”
“He is what he is. The Lord of Black Leaves.”
“Is that a place?”
“Black Leaves? A place? Heavens no. You’ve seen black leaves before, have you not?” Aerion nodded at the forest. “He’s the Lord of Black Leaves.”
“You mean actual black leaves? Like the ones that grow on trees and lie on the ground?”
“Yes. Black Leaves.”
“Do you have Lords of other things as well? Green leaves? Yellow flowers? Mountains? Clouds?”
Aerion eyed Pero skeptically. “Why should that be so odd? You have Lords, do you not?”
“Si, but our lords govern places, lands. They rule castillos and cities. Greater lords. Lesser lords. Reyes. Reinas. Duques. Gobernadoras.”
“Do you see any castles around here, Vicar? Any flags? Any emblems or coat of arms? Any cities?”
“None but the crest on Ven’s jerkin.”
Tuath De has placed lords over the things that are important to us, to the nature of all we are. And to them we bring tribute and honor.”
“Tribute and honor?”
“We are nothing without nature. The trees. The leaves. The blossoms. Water and air. It is life and our existence is tribute. Noble deeds personify our hearts and faith. It is a duty of ours to do kindnesses for the weak as well as to do battle with those who are evil, those who would destroy our habitation and the inheritance of our offspring.”
– The Crystal Crux : Shimmer

Fall cold has arrived here in Wisconsin. We’ve only seen a few flakes of snow now and then, nothing much but it is coming. It is wonderful to have a new furnace this year, Praise Ye Yah. He always makes a way out of no way. Our last one was ancient. It was amazing it worked as long as it did.

Not much of a winter person anymore. I used to enjoy winter time, able to wear shorts through much of it, not really bothered by it. Now the cold gets in the bones and I don’t have any winter sports I want to participate in. Good things I have a lot of tv series and films to catch up on. Currently catching up on all the Dr. Who episodes. I’m somewhere in the middle of the Peter Capaldi years. I also started the second season of The Mandalorian. It’s really good, but slow at times. I also started the animated series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, with a troublesome band of clones after the Clone Wars. The Wheel of Time just started so, I’ll give that a looksie as well.

The 5th book is coming along. It covers the last three days of The Crystal Crux adventure. I don’t anticipate it being done anytime soon. I poke at it during the week, get a little loose editing things done but wait for the weekends to really accomplish anything.

Also reading. Currently in another awesome World War II novel by Ellie Midwood. Hard to put down, especially in the current climate we live in. I was disgusted by the ruling in Kenosha yesterday. The idea that vigilante gunmen will be exonerated is frightening, especially with all the white supremacy activity creeping out of the woodwork. World War II novels about the rise of the Nazi serve as a clarion to this generation. Not sure enough people are hearing it. I should have a book review for this book coming in another week or two.

In the meantime, I have the first place Packers and improving Badgers to root for. The Bucks are in full swing. Watching Giannis, Middleton, Holiday, Porter and the rest of them is a pleasure after so many years of futility. And my favorite futbol club, Newcastle, floundering in the relegation zone, has been bought out by extremely wealthy owners. There are a million reasons to be hopeful. Looking forward to the January transfer window.

I also have another sci-fi short story in the works – Tarfane Episode Three. I’ll try to get this out before the holidays.

Ven stopped walking but didn’t turn around this time. He looked at the sky. “So you wish to go home now?”
“You’re willing to return and face the consequences of your actions? You have caused a lot of heartache and pain. Are you sure they are willing to forgive you or want you back? Are you ready for disappointment and rejection like that? It would be much easier to forget them and continue your current course. Go forward and rule your own kingdom. Conquer your own lands…”
“Si, I am ready. I am ready to serve.”
“Good. But you must know it is not that easy. You did not arrive in Eliade on the wings of a whim. I can’t simply send you home. Your mind is not ready.”
– The Crystal Crux : Shimmer

Allen M Werner is the author of the epic fantasy series The Crystal Crux

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