I Wish I Could Share …

“We are not alone in here.”
A creature snarled and lashed out, scratching her arm.
Gisele screamed at the top of her lungs as another crackle of lightning destroyed what was left of the gnarled old tree.

– excerpt from The Crystal Crux : Shimmer

That, of course, is the last thing readers of The Crystal Crux series read.

What happened to Tomas and Gisele in that cave? What becomes of the giant magician, Sinibaldus, now that his bears and wolves are dead, and the strength of Mors Cohortem has been destroyed? Is Pero truly ready to see firsthand the carnage left behind in the wake of his foolish quest? What does Francis hope to achieve by riding back to Capua? Will he and Merle and the other Englishmen meet much resistance? Will Anthea survive the probes of her mind and the poisoning? And whatever happened to Viridian?

I wish I could share more with you, but I must rein in my enthusiasm and excitement. The last book in the series is coming along splendidly. I am very pleased with it. There is still a lot of work to do and I am not ready to reveal anything yet. No timeline for release but ever vigilant and hopeful. I’m trying my best to take advantage of every opportunity I have to write and edit.

Hang in there. I’ll announce more as soon as I can.

“Startled, Pero shot up from a dead sleep. He felt as though he were being watched, and he was. Dozens of black specters with deformed humanoid heads, long lanky arms and ghoul-like bodies without legs, drifted on the other side of the barrier dome. He was lying near it.
“How did I get here?” Pero thought, putting his hand to his head, almost involuntarily, expecting to have a headache. ‘I feel fine. In fact, I feel better than fine.’ He realized he had slept on the grass. Beside him lay Lure. She was fast asleep, her hands folded neatly beneath her pretty head as if in prayer, facing him.

– excerpt from The Crystal Crux : Shimmer

Allen M Werner is the author of epic fantasy series, The Crystal Crux

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