Reality Sets In

I have arrived at a most difficult place. Apparently, as hard as I try, the next book, the 5th and final book in The Crystal Crux epic fantasy book series, won’t be completed before the holidays.

By the time I complete the edits and start the publishing process, which takes time as well, I can’t see this book being done until sometime in early 2023. 😦

I should have some other writing news before the end of the year that is Crystal Crux related but not involving the final book

Sorry to disappoint but I want to put the best product possible out there. I wish I could share some things about the new book but it doesn’t seem like the right time yet. When I get further along in the publication process, I’ll start dropping some teasers.

“Tis magic, Vicar. Powerful magic.” Fo-Gee wiggled his fingers fast producing a storm of gold speckles. They hung in the air between them like icy teardrops, drifting, twinkling, shimmering and disappearing. “I be a great god, Vicar, a spirit of the wood possessing unspeakable powers, knowing all and seeing all, even unto the secrets of life and death.”
– Excerpt: The Crystal Crux – Shimmer

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