Pre-Order Sale Starts Today

The Crystal Crux – Cold Knight is finally here!

The ten day journey continues – Days Four and Five come alive!

The Paperback version won’t be available until the end of the year BUT I am releasing Cold Knight on Kindle Unlimited (so it is free if you are a member), with a special reduced cost – $1.49 now.

Be sure to share this with friends, family and fellow readers.

The book will download on December 22, 2017 right before the holiday.

Come Christmas morn, you can sit back and read all about Pero, Anthea, Francis, Sinibaldus, Gherardus, Rugerius, Talento, Guidus and Viridian.

The wall separating reality and fantasy is breaking down and there are winged horses, scurvy crones, demonic imps, lizards, wolves and of course, the dragon, Ophis.  The black serpent still seeks the crux of the Bellerophon Crystals.

Things are only getting worse, depending on who’s side you are on.

Please check it out.  Only a $1.49 right now.  Follow the link below.


And please remember to leave a review when you are done, just a rating and a few words – it doesn’t have to be much.  Self-published authors need all the help they can get, so spread the word.  The Crystal Crux – Cold Knight, is real and hitting shelves soon.

Get your copy today!

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