Update On The Prequel Project

Great news!

The House is built.  The new book in its entirety is written.

When I write a first draft, I usually leave off writing the last couple chapters.  I work on all the other chapter, editing and changing things, doing everything I can to make sure I like the story, feel the pieces are fitting together and it all makes sense.

When I am comfortable with that, then I finish the end of the book.

For the first time, since I started writing The Prequel to The Crystal Crux series over a year ago, I have a complete draft to work with.  YEAH!!!!

There is still a lot of work to do but I love how it ends.  It’s going to be good.  The foundation, beams and walls are all in place.  It looks like a real book from start to finish.

Now I have to go inside the House and make sure the plumbing and electricity work, add all the furnishings, do the trim work and cosmetic makeovers as well as minor repairs to parts of the original that might have been ruined or changed during the completion of the ending.

I also have to check the vocabulary throughout and make sure the language is all related to the time period.  I have a tendency to write what makes sense to me just to get through certain parts of the story.  Now I have to stack it with appropriate jargon.

Very excited.  I’ll also be taking to Photoshop and working on the cover!

Can’t wait to tell you more!  Still thinking I might be able to it out in June but we’ll see.  No promises.  Thanks to life taking over, the promises I have made about this book during the past year never came to fruition.  Not going to make that mistake again.  Fingers crossed

In the meantime, be sure to recommend the other books in The Crystal Crux series to family, friends and acquaintances.  You can also request copies from your local libraries.  🙂

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