What’s The Hold Up?

Why is it taking so long? Where is the new book?

I hear you. It’s not easy waiting.

I’m anxious to finish the last book in The Crystal Crux series and get it on shelves.

So what is the hold up?

The ending.

The featured image on this writing is my preservation file. I published the first book, Betrayal, over six years ago. Everything I have written about Betrayal, Blue Grotto, Cold Knight and Shimmer are in that file. All my notes and scribbles. Everything. I spend a lot of time going through them and the published books to maintain continuity in the story and the characters.

And now that I am ending the series, I am trying to answer as many relevant questions as I can and not leave too many cliffhangers (although there should always be a few for readers to speculate about).

Getting the events of the last day to line up and fall in place is challenging. Timing is everything. I’m finding it is a lot more difficult to end a series than it is to end a book in a series.

I can’t wait to get feedback on the result.

I’m still hoping to release it before the end of the year. Still pleased with how it is coming together. Hang in there. The wait will be worth it.

It’s not always summer,” Gisele whispered, hoping it would somehow make her braver. “It’s not always summer.”
– Excerpt : The Crystal Crux – Cold Knight

Allen M Werner is the author of the epic fantasy series The Crystal Crux


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